Kindred exist in the dark. Not only can they see better than
humans in the dark, their other senses are sharper to facilitate
their predatory needs.
Kindred do not suffer normal vision penalties for being in the
dark, and can compensate with hearing. In full darkness, they
only suffer a –2 die penalty to rolls that require vision. If they
encounter traces of blood, even if dried or hidden (in a carpet,
for example), they immediately see even very small quantities.
Vampire hearing becomes similarly enhanced. They can hear
heartbeats at three yards or meters per dot of Blood Potency. Upon
Embrace, a vampire’s sense of smell attunes to the scent of blood.
A vampire can smell the presence of blood from about ten yards
or meters per dot of Blood Potency without rolling. Multiply this
range by her Auspex dots. If she’s tasted a particular human’s blood,
she can add her Blood Potency to any rolls to track him by scent.
Kindred blood does not offer this advantage, since it’s mostly old,
dead, and its smell is a blend of all the vampire’s recent victims.
If any of her Kindred senses apply, add her Blood Potency to
any rolls to detect hidden people or details by the traces of blood.

as in the book, though Sire and Child have no distance restrictions.

This merit is a one or two dot merit now.

A called shot to the head, using any kind of
weapon or firearm, inflicts aggravated damage. An unarmed strike to the head
still inflicts bashing damage, unless the character has some way to inflict lethal
hand damage. Targeting the head imposes a –5 modifier.
Rationale: Damage
to the head with anything hard or fast enough to crack the skull often causes
brain damage, and that’s a pretty sure way to kill a person.

Whenever a character rolls an
exceptional success on an attack made with a blunt
weapon or an unarmed attack, the player chooses one
of the target’s bones from the list below and shatters it.
The effects of the broken bone persist for the rest of the
Rationale: Hey, bones chip, fracture, and shatter
from a bad hit.

Bone Affect
Arm –1 penalty to attacks or skills that
require the use of that arm.
Leg –1 penalty to Speed and any Athletics
rolls related to running, jumping,
or swimming.
Rib –1 penalty to Stamina rolls related
to running, holding breath, and similar
Skull Target is stunned for one turn and
suffers a –1 penalty to Mental Attribute
or Skill rolls.


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